kjeragbolten dangerous

Located in Southern Norway, Kjeragbolten is a hikers dream come true. Since the first registered Kjeragbolten BASE jump in 1994, more than 50.000 jumps happened here. In between these ascends, the Kjerag hiking path goes over two green broad valleys: Little Stordalen and Stordalen. [CDATA[ After we finished our Kjerag hike we drove to Stavanger and took the ferry to Tau* where wespent the night in Wathne Campsite. From Stavanger, Lysebotn is also reachable by ferry, and the ticket price is 140 Norwegian Krones (15 Euros). From Oslo, you can also drive to Lysebotn, a 500 km journey that takes 7.5 hours. It should only be done in summer, and any person with reasonable fitness should be able to do it in the right conditions. //