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Its fruit was a staple of the Judean Desert and grew in thick forests along the Dead Sea and Jordan River valley. Two of . So far, we have five males and two females seven altogether, and I've tried lots of seeds and most of them are deader than door nails, Solowey said. Learn more here. Over the past 15 years, a project has been underway in Israels southern Arava region to revive ancient species of date palms germinated from seeds found at archaeological digs in the Judean Desert. [6] Andrea Moresino-Zipper contests that in the former case, it is the woman who symbolises the defeated Judaea and the towering, dominating palm stands for victorious Rome, while in the latter case the palm tree does represent Judaea.[6]. [4], Its likeness was engraved on shekalim, the ancient Hebrew unit of currency. In 2005, Dr. Sarah Sallon challenged her friend and fellow scientist, Dr. Elaine Solowey from the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, to see if they could get any of the date palm seeds to grow. Dr. Solowey - and that at least one is a female! In Scripture, Hannah prayed and prayed for a child, promising that if God would answer that prayer, she would dedicate her child to a life of serving the Lord. Submitted by escamp on August 31, 2015 - 3:04pm. Source: Haaretz, Holloway, A. Are the Misty Peaks of the Azores Remnants of the Legendary Atlantis? Other date seeds were found in caves near the Dead Sea. www.vivaspress.com. Because several seedlings are female, it is hoped that it will be possible to pollinate one or more of the female Judean date palms with the pollen from Methuselah. During the Byzantine and Arab periods (4th to 11th century AD) the Judean date palms were barely holding on and the continued waves of conquest and destruction meant that by the 19th century, no traces of these historic plantations remained, according to a study conducted about the trees in 2020. Archaeobotanical records suggest that the earliest exploitation and consumption of dates is from the Arabian Neolithic some 7000 years before the present., The plump, golden-brown dates hanging in a bunch just above the sandy soil were finally ready to pick., The answer, Im happy to say, is sweeter than you think. sarahmariewells.com, Arava Institute for Environmental Studies. They are drier and sweeter than the medjool date and taste like natural honey. Judean date palm in 2012. Photo: Marcos Schonholz, What Do 2,000-Year-Old Ancient Judean Dates Taste Like? 32 additional intact seeds were chosen, out of which 6 sprouted. An ancient date seed (Phoenix dactylifera L.) excavated from Masada and radiocarbon-dated to the first century Common Era was germinated. Methuselah was chosen to father the fruit and pollen from his plant was placed onto Hannah's flowers. Hundreds of seeds were collected between 1963 and 1991. This extraordinary achievement demonstrates the kernels' long-term vitality after being nestled in succulent Judean dates, a fruit variety that has been lost for millennia. The seeds were held in storage for 40 years at Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan.[10][11]. After this process, one seed was found to be damaged and was subsequently discarded. Its a childrens story about the science and what it represents., Viva Sarah Press is a journalist and speaker. were collected from Judean desert archaeological sites such as an ancient palace-fortress built by King Herod and caves located in southern Israel at Masada, Qumran, Wadi Makukh, and Wadi Kelt, located in the Judean desert between the Judean Hills and the Dead Sea. Sarah M. Wells is the author ofThe Family Bible Devotionaland two collections of poems,Between the Heron and the MossandPruningBurning Bushes. Years ago at Masada, archaeologists found a jar of those ancient date seeds. As of February 2020, Adam was 1.5 meters high (1.6 yards). Joanna completed a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) degree in Australia and published research in the field of Educational Psychology. Judean date palms were wiped . A date harvest from 2000-year-old seeds. 3 min read. It played a significant role in the Judean economy for about two millenniaat the least from the fifth century B.C.E. Not as sweet as the Medjooldate, not sticky at all, and with a pleasant honey aftertaste is how Dr. Sarah Sallon describes the taste of a date sprouted from a 2,000-year-old seed. Read more: Date palm grown from 2,000-year-old seed is a dad . Get email notification for articles from Nir Hasson. Theres a resurrection story you probably havent heard coming out of Judea. Solowey planted some three thousand of them on Kibbutz Ketura, where each tree produces around 350 pounds of dates a year. [26] They may have shared the same wild ancestor. This is the second year of harvesting fruit from this previously extinct tree, brought back to life by Dr. Elaine Solowey. They were then dosed with Gibberellic acid, a growth-promoting plant hormone, and enzymatic fertilizer. Israeli Scientists Found Out, Bottoms Up: Israeli Scientists Brew Beer With Resurrected Yeast From 5,000 Years Ago, Israeli DNA Study Unveils Reconstructed Face Of Mysterious, Long-Lost Human Relative. Need prayer? Now You Can, Thanks to These Israeli Researchers Researchers celebrate - and sample - the first fruit of palm trees germinated from ancient seeds from the Judean desert Dates tree grown by a 2,000-year-old seed retrieved from archaeological sites in the Judean Desert, in Ketura, Israel, September 2, 2020. Credit: Marcos Shonholtz Nir Hasson said Solowey. Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us. NoCamels.com is the leading news website covering breakthrough innovation from Israel for a global audience. Nature has this immense power to renovate itself, to rejuvenate itself. She has grown plants and herbs used in Tibetan, Chinese, and biblical medicine, as well as traditional folk remedies from other cultures to see whether their effectiveness can be scientifically proved. Great piece I had no idea about such amazing botanical work going on. The researchers discovered that the seeds were up to 30 percent larger than date seeds today, which probably meant the fruit was larger, too. She lives in Ashland, Ohio, with her husband, Brandon, and their four children, Lydia, Elvis, Henry, and Izzy (their Westie). The tree and its fruit are mentioned in the Song of Songs and Psalms and featured on coins throughout the region. This week the Arava Institute celebrated the first Judean Dates ever to be grown into fruit since the time of King Herod., They were given Biblical names: Adam, Boaz, Hannah, Jonah, Judith and Uriel. [citation needed] The tree so defined the local economy that the Roman emperor Vespasian celebrated the reconquest after the First Jewish Revolt (6670 AD) by minting Judaea Capta coinage, a series of coins sometimes depicting Judaea as a mourning woman beneath a date palm. Elaine Solowey, Desert Plant Pioneer, successfully grew an extinct Judean Date Palm tree from a 2000 year old seed. The Judean date palm is a date palm ( Phoenix dactylifera) grown in Judea. Its fruit was a staple of the Judean Desert and grew in thick forests along the Dead Sea and Jordan River valley. This has been reissued in recently years as a 10 shekel coin. Pliny the Elder, a Roman naturalist of the 1st century AD, wrote that Jericho's dates were known for their succulence and sweetness, though he distinguished a considerable variety of them and discussed several different varieties by name. An ancient coin design depicting a date palm and two baskets full of dates has been reused for the front side of the modern Israeli ten-shekel coin. Hannahs DNA is reminiscent of that of ancient trees from Mesopotamia, todays Iraq, as is the modern zahidi variety, which is considered an Iraqi species. CBN Partners provide hope to those who are suffering! The fruit of the tree symbolised life and prosperity and was praised in ancient . Call (800) 700-7000 or request prayer. It would be interesting if they were used back then for the same reasons, she tells NoCamels during a phone call from her Jerusalem home. According to historical sources, the taste of them was something splendid. The Judean date palm was once common in ancient Judea. Judean date palms are praised in the Bible. Already in the fifth century BC, Herodotus noted that the greatest importance of the Judean dates was that they were drier and less perishable than those from Egypt and thus suitable for storage and export, which is still an important distinction today. A little, young-looking palm tree named Judith was planted on Kibbutz Ketura recently. After devising a method to sprout them, Solowey succeeded in sprouting seeds found in other places such as the Qumran caves in the area where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. They called him Methuselah after the oldest person in the Bible. Following this success, six further preserved seeds were sprouted.[2]. Studies indicate. In 2005, several of these seeds were obtained by the Louis L. Borick Natural Medicine Research Center of the Hadassah Medical Organization, which gave them to Dr. Elaine Solowey at the Center for Sustainable Agriculture. Methuselah, Adam, and Hannah date back to the first to fourth centuries BCE. To donate to Dr. Soloweys ancient dates research project, click here. And here we are actually planting history at the Arava Institute. Dubbed Methuselah it was the oldest seed ever grown attracting wide international attention. A handful of date seeds from fruit that ripened around the time of Jesus have been successfully planted and grown in southernIsrael, researchers have revealed., The worlds most remarkable date palm trees might not exist if Sarah Sallon hadnt gotten sick while working as a doctor in India in 1986. (Guy Eisner / Sciencemag). 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Elaine Solowey of the Arava Institute of Environmental Studies with the tree named 'Judith. The Romans eventually succeeded and by 500 AD the once plentiful date palm had almost completely disappeared, driven to extinction for the sake of conquest. The date was so important to the region that it featured on ancient coinage, and even on Israel's 10-shekel coin today. This week the Arava Institute celebrated the first Judean Dates ever to be grown into fruit since the time of King Herod." Sign up to our free daily newsletter today to get all the most important stories directly to your inbox. Sallon says the dates seem to offer hope in todays world of uncertainty. We are committed to delivering quality independent Christian journalism you can trust. And though Sallon compares the taste of these ancient Judean dates to the Medjool, she reiterates that she is not a food expert and simply happens to eat the Medjool variety. Prophecy from the Bible is revealing itself as we speak. Radiocarbon dating of the fragments of the seed shells still clinging to the roots of the plants confirmed the seeds date back to between 1,800 and 2,400 years ago. The age of the seeds range from some of the oldest germinated seeds in the world - Methuselah, Hannah, and Adam with a carbon date to the first to fourth centuries BC, to the mid-second century BC to mid-first century AD plants known as Judith and Boaz, to the youngest of the Judean date palms - Uriel and Jonah are the youngest (first to second centuries AD). Thank God for the faithfulness of his people though the ages - to leave these seeds, and to find and nurture one to grow. In 2011, the plant produced its first flowers and today, the living archaeological treasure continues to grow and thrive. After 2,000 years, the formerly extinct Judean date palm was brought back to life by two women scientists in 2005. Sarah Sallon, director of the Louis L. Borick Natural Medicine Research Center in Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, led a team that included Elaine Solowey, and Nathalie Chabrillange. The palm tree can appear on the coin either in combination with the mourning woman, or without her.