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KLFY-TV (channel 10) is a television station in Lafayette, Louisiana, United States, affiliated with CBS and owned by Nexstar Media Group. But it was his time on KLFY's popular morning show, "Passe Partout," that most remember. The accidents happened because drivers not see the light. 1998 - 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. | All Rights Reserved. KATC weekend anchor and weekday reporter Kendria Lafleur signed off for the final time last week. Lafleur says she's moving to take on another challenge. Public Relations, Crisis Communications, Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Marketing Master Control Operator (Weekends) at KADN/KLAF, Board Op./Production at KYBG/KLEJ/KSIG, Board Master's Graduate, Broadcast Media Professional, Public Information Specialist at Lafayette Utilities System. Ms. Steele was a co-anchor on the 21 News 6 and 11 p.m. broadcasts from 1998 until 2004, before moving on to WGRZ Television in Buffalo, New York, where she anchored the news. Years ago, while shopping in the Acadiana Mall, I witnessed something that disgusted me beyond words. The Missing season 2 ending explained: What happened to the missing girls? Many see Kates dismissal was caused by her outspoken opinions. KLFY-TV is notable as the oldest television station in the Lafayette area. The beloved news personality spent 42 years as a morningshow host, news anchor and reporter with KLFY TV10. He will take over as an evening anchor at KADN and KLAF. [11] On February 2, 2021, KLFY-DT2 dropped GetTV (now on KDCG-CD 22.2) and replaced it with Dabl. On November 16, 2015, KLFY began running a signal test on 10.2 (formerly Live Well Network) with GetTV launching as the subchannel replacing the defunct Live Well Network. For as long as I live, I'll never forget the way he made that poor old lady feel & the way it made me feel. Many of them are individuals I have not had a chance to see or talk to for years. I had no idea what would happen next.. But Arnold said he is most proud of his years spent asco-hostof the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. While at Fox, she was the host of the show The Edge with Paula Zahn Paula was fired by Fox news as soon as it was discovered that she was negotiating with CNN, a move that was considered a breach of the contract agreed with FNC (Fox News Channel). OReilly soon announced he would be taking a previously scheduled vacation and will be returning later. During the late 1950s, the station was also briefly affiliated with the NTA Film Network. "And then you had to be back at work the next morningat 8:30," he added. However, in November 2017, the station dropped its hurricane eye logo it has used for over four decades, has renamed its noon newscast (formerly titled Meet Your Neighbor) to KLFY News 10 at Noon, and has changed its news theme to Stephen Arnold Music's "Canvas," which was and is still used by numerous former Media General stations. Personality became so livid with her & spoke to her as if she were nothing. Thank you to the viewers for allowing me into your homes every night and watching me grow throughout my time at KATC.Im extremely grateful for the experience and friends Ive gained along the way, and the many people whove shared their stories with me. WVTV didnt run the article and stated that the report wasnt breakthrough journalism despite Akre and her former husband rewriting the report over 80 times. Laura died Friday morning in Canton,. The station currently operates out of newer, larger purpose-built studio facilities on Eraste Landry Road, on the city's south side. A professor in the Morehouse college, he joined Fox News in 2007 and he appeared often on the OReilly Show where he discussed with OReilly on socio-political issues. I imagine that this is just the beginning of the comments; I think I'll need more popcorn. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Wills contract was not renewed due to a feud with OReilly about leaving the Republican party. Professional Background CheckInformation on professionals, their work history and resumes. "I was in my senior year at UL," Arnold recalled. Anchor/Reporter (Former Employee) - Lafayette, LA - October 19, 2014. A method of structurally reinforcing an assembly of tubular members in a Systems comprising a wire and an excision instrument particularly intended for breast biopsy are What is claimed is: 1. The beloved news personality spent 42 years as a morning show host, news anchor and reporter with KLFY TV10.. A co-host of a TV show on Fox News called The Five. Along the way, I developed anxiety and depression.. Katie Lopez joined the KATC news team in January, 2015 and is co-anchor of Good Morning Acadiana. After nearly a decade in that role, he moved into news by becoming one of the co-anchors of morning show Passe Partout. His show was the highest rated show for 16 years straight. She then filed a police report against Lewandowski on the allegation of simple battery. Dietl was let go by Fox in 2016 after getting into a clash with fellow contributor Jehmu Greene although the reason for altercation was never disclosed and it was reported that he was in a tight spot after Ailes was removed from the Networks employ. Garys last day on air at KLFY wasAug. 25. The line system on a drilling rig is arranged to place the dead line clamp at the upper end of the Storytelling, Television, Feature Articles, Documentaries, Publishing, Interviews, Books, Politics, U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Mearchant Marine Engineer of Motor Vessels of any horse power at Seacor U.S. I'm honored for having had the opportunity to work for you and for you allowing me into your homes each night for the last 30 years. The station signed on June 3, 1955. Bolling was previously a presenter on CNBC, Eric took up a job in Fox Business Network as a financial analyst, hosting the business show Happy Hour. He was then hired by Fox News, making appearances in the OReilly show. During his time at KLFY, Arnold did almost every job imaginable;includingstintsasweatherman,news director, assignment editor and breaking news reporter. 5. As she put her head down in humiliation, she said, "I'm sorry, Sir; I didn't realize you were there." As Nexstar had already owned KADN-TV and since the Lafayette market is too small to allow duopolies in any case, in order to comply with FCC ownership rules as well as planned changes to rules regarding same-market television stations which would prohibit future joint sales agreements, the company was required to sell either KLFY or KADN to another company. Billy owns a blog where he still comments on the political situations of the country. Arnold remembers he also had to be on call all night. After a lengthy career in politics which includes serving as a political adviser to the white house and serving as campaign manager for Bill Clinton in the 1996 elections, Dick Morris decided to switch professions becoming a political commentator and analyst. I had tightly choreographed my life, yet being perfectly on point for the better part of two decades had worn me down, she wrote, adding that she would occasionally come home from work in tears. The station's noon show, KLFY 10 News at Noon, has been on the air for almost as long; it was formerly known as Meet Your Neighbor. The former journalist recalled how the stresses of her job took a toll on her mental health, dating back to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, which she witnessed firsthand while on assignment. Bruno shared that she decided to take a mental-health break last summer after her bosses told her she wouldnt be able to advance from NECN to a role with NBC Boston. She is a graduate of Chippewa High School and attended Malone University in Canton. After 42 years, saying goodbye. Laura died Friday morning in Canton, Ohio at the age of 46. In 2012, Morris confidently predicted Mitt Romney will win the elections with a landslide victory against Obama, a prediction which was against a major consensus from experts that Obama will win both at electoral college and likely the popular vote. KatieLopezKATC. Quality time with her family, intense therapy, and a new career path followed, with Bruno launching Newsmaker Marketing last fall. Some call them Donald Trumps Favorite TV network One thing that FOX News has been unable to erase from its history as one of the worlds leading Television Networks is the amount of controversy the network has managed to elicit both externally and internally. Receive the latest news and breaking updates, straight from our newsroom to your inbox. A savvy investigative reporter "they never should have put him on the news desk [as an anchor]," one insider says, citing Huebner's considerable skills as an investigative reporter who drew on well-cultivated sources Huebner was said to be frustrated with the . Lafayette, Louisiana Area Multimedia Journalist KLFY NEWS 10 Jun 2017 - Jun 2019 2 years 1 month. Burns was not dismissed due to any allegations but was taking off because the studio wanted to change the scope from the traditional news outlets to more articles from the internet. I will say my departure is something that has been coming for a long time. The revolving door of Lafayette television talent continues to spin. Former 21 News Anchor Laura Steele passes away Members of the WFMJ family are saddened to report that former news anchor Laura Steele has passed away. Over the last five years, the Ville Platte native has covered a plethora of breaking news events, including the 2016 floods, last summer's protest in Lafayette, and Hurricanes Laura and Delta. Organizers formed the festival by consolidating several smaller events in to one large one, which today celebrates Cajun and Creole music and heritage. In 2019, Horchak left KLFY to take the evening anchor positions at KNOE. Earlier this week KLFY's general manager, Kenny Lawrence, would only confirm Heubner had been employed at the station but was no longer there. Fox, however, claimed otherwise insisting she was taken off air only because she violated company policy of not allowing the company to vet her book before its publication. On May 29, 2015, the Live Well Network was pulled off the air on all Media General Stations (including the former Young ones). I am guessing it was a reference to the number of calls/texts being received about Huebner's departure. Born and raised in Evangeline, Katie started her career as an intern at KPLC in . Arnold covered the very first Festivals Acadiens. Yet the reality is, thats not always enough. former wafb news anchors. Everyone came together with the common goal of providing the public with the best local news coverage available. Arrangements are still being finalized by Zak-Thacker & Monbarren Funeral Home in her home town of Doylestown, Ohio. Meet The KLFY News 10 Team Watch Now News As Seen on KLFY Local News Louisiana News National News Lafayette Parish Acadia Parish Evangeline Parish Iberia Parish Jeff Davis Parish. Jessica served as a reporter for Fox radio until 2017, where she was informed the network wouldnt be renewing her contract due to budget cuts. ", Another said, "KLFY will not be the same without you!!! Rudi complained of sexual harassment by her co-worker Brian Wilson. In 2017, a report by HuffPost shows Eric sending unsolicited nude pictures and text messages to three women which he denied. Fox soon announced he would not be returning to the show again. One of the best reporters I ever came in contact with. He plans to spend more time with his wife Kay and looks forward to new adventures in the future. In May 2013, the longtime Eyewitness News name in use since 1969 was dropped for Acadiana's Multi-Media News; it has since been replaced by simply KLFY News 10. (unknown episodes) Series Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Ellis Toney . A report by the New York Times brought into light series of lawsuit and settlement against Billy and the Fox from five women totaling 13 million dollars. As I read through the story, the comments from "media insiders" painted a picture of Huebner that most people would not see, as the majority of us are only exposed to him through a television screen. After a short stint with CNN, he was hired back into his old job but was soon fired again due to a racist remark he made to an African American employee that had come to offer technical assistance after he had issues with his computer. In 1996 he joined Fox news and started his own show titled the O Reilly Factor. ", Huebner did not say specifically what his immediate plans are, but he did say "I'm looking forward to the future and whatever that brings.".